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Hey, I'm Kanica

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A front-end developer based in London, UK. Having a background in product design and engineering, I was looking for ways to develop my skill set. As technology advances & the digitaslisation of society continues, learning to code was a no brainer for me.

Simply starting with an idea that allows me to be creative, which then seeing that idea come to life with my code is truely fascinating to me and something I will always be excited to do.

I've always been curious about web design and development, now its not only a dream but its a reality for me. Being a Front-End Developer, I have experience with JavaScript and React which is one of my proudest achievements.

It's not all technical, as I am also a responsive developer this allows me to work on my UI/UX skills which is always fun! From concept phase to a functioning app, there is nothing more I would rather do!

Want to see some projects I have worked on...

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